Presentation Technology

For a lot of schools around the world integration of technology into the classroom and curriculum can be very difficult what with the school and district budgeting cut short along with the wear and tear these technological devices take every year. However despite a gratuitous lack of funding schools can still get by. Seeming as though we are now in the year 2014, a student’s access to a computer has gone up dramatically.

In most schools there are a certain amount of computers in every library and sometimes 2-5 in each classroom. As the grade level goes up in some situations the amount of computers do too. Slowly but surely the amount of technology integrated into the classroom has gone up over the past 15 years. And over the last 15 years we have already begun to integrate technology into our lives. Emails, texts, iPods and MP3 players are all examples of things we willingly let into our lives along with the Internet. Now there are newer, faster computers and newer and faster internet speeds and service providers, there are new ways to learn, teach, explore, and discover; as well as countless new ways to do countless new things.

Some of these countless new things include new ways to teach students. White boards are now replaced with SMART Boards that teachers control with their computer, videos that make teaching and learning easier as well as easier ways of writing, researching, uploading, presenting and so many other things that students a lot of the time don’t notice because they grew up with the ever growing technology. A lot of the things that people want to see integrated into school systems and curriculums are already there. In many elementary and middle school classes students are taught how to use and work on a computer for further teachings and learnings. They have a program called UltraKey that allows students to test their typing capabilities as well as their comprehensive capabilities while typing. There are also classes in high schools that further teach how to use and work with computers as well as classes that allow students to budget by using spreadsheets and other programs to help students later in life not only with real life issues and activities but also for further use and learning of computers and technology in general. Colleges, universities and even K-12 have online learning that further the teachings of technology use.

Apart from schooling and schools helping students figure out how to use technology many parents also teach their children a thing or two about it as well. Also, I myself have noticed the younger generation glued to iPads, tablets and other devices such as this and in the long run these children will understand technology more than their parents will in 5 years. These children will end up knowing more about how tablets, computers, and these sorts of devices work by the time they are 15 than someone who was trained to work with technology 15 years ago. Integration of technology is already here and is already further making its way into the homes and schools of students all around the world.



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