Assessment Technology

Technology, despite only just recently being implemented into the classroom has come a long way in both educational settings and beyond. Now about 75% of homes have internet use at home while 79% of people have computers and devices in their homes such as tablets, iPads, cellphones, gaming consoles, etc,.

The use of technology in the classroom is very important because it makes things easier and simpler in a world that is consistently chaotic. Assignments, lectures, notes, assessments, tests, quizzes, etc., can all be done online. Assignments can also, dependent upon how they are done and with what, be graded online. Most of the student body is already so used to a median of technology use and older variations of educational teaching. However, as with everything, things can change and the use of technology in school may be one of those ways that things change.

Assessments have always been done with paper and pencil, only recently have we started to use scantron to go through grading these assessments faster. Each year students and staff go through hours of grueling work to take, print, and assemble these booklets for assessments all around the US. This very idea of assessment taking should be something of the past. We now have the technology to be able to take these assessments online and submit it online while still being able to use technology to grade it as well as individual people for those pesky written portions.

Some people are concerned with students who may cheat on assignments and it’s understandable that people are usually concerned about it. Cheating on these types of tests may in some people’s eyes be easier to do from student to student or on the internet if given the chance. However, many of us take tests faster or slower; read faster or slower, and in all reality it’s close to impossible to cheat off of the internet. These test questions and answers are changed every year; there is no way we will be able to successfully cheat off of the internet with these types of tests.

The whole paper and pen thing gets extremely boring and can make people anxious and nervous; this can alter how their test turns out and what the overall outcome is to be. From experience these tests are taken in painfully quiet rooms, students about 2-3 feet away from each other, using an archaic way of test taking just to ensure that it’s their own work and so that students have the capability of taking these tests without interruption isn’t working. We don’t cheat but the amount of anxiety that we get hours before the testing is painful. Hours less sleep worrying about it and remembering the eerie silence that lay just hours before us. The scowls to come if we cough or shift in a really squeaky chair are close to unbearable while taking an assessment like that. We should be comfortable while taking the assessment and with us being relaxed I know that many students test scores would be far better than what they have been the last few years.

Imagine, taking a test in a large cafeteria or auditorium on a laptop given to you by the state just to take a test. They give you the laptop and a pair of headphones that are in a sense made so that you can’t hear anything around you and if others choose not to take the headphones they can’t hear what you’re listening to, just to take a test. Imagine, before you take the test there is an option for background noise so that it’s not painfully quiet or they can give you an option to listen to your own music while you take the test.

The future of assessment taking can be found in technology and the future for schooling involves that technology we were wary of using ten years ago.



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