What’s the homework?

Everyday all around the world a student is asking, “What’s the homework?” Easy enough to remind this student that it’s on the board, online, there is none, or better yet “Why are you asking about last weeks homework?” In the long run every student alike wonders, why? What’s so important about homework and what’s the use?


Homework, in it’s most BASIC definition is “Schoolwork that a student is required to do at home.” Simple enough, hence why it’s called Home-Work however the word “Schoolwork” comes up which is just another word that should essentially mean “Work that a student is required to do at school” so what’s the difference?


When doing “Homework”, if you do is at a local library or at the park it’s totally acceptable. So why can’t students do their homework in class where it’s very likely that it will be done that day and turned in and graded accordingly? If in the long run it’s all about the test scores wouldn’t any teacher do what they must to make those test scores as positive as possible?. Another very basic definition of homework would be “Work or study done in preparation for a certain event or situation.” Well, that can be done anywhere even in class. With that definition there should be no classification of where the school work gets done as long as it gets done on time and correctly.


So why the big fuss about doing it at home regardless of it technically being called homework? Besides, isn’t home where your rump rests?