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Technology to Support Communication

Communication in every form of human interaction is important. Whether that communication is in person or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that we communicate at all, and one of the ways we learn to do that is through school. Throughout every human’s life we go through school and there always seemed to be a lack of communication between parents and students, students and teachers, and parents and teachers. Now, in 2014 it is easier than ever to successfully communicate with not only the students, parents, and teachers but it is also very easy to now communicate with the Global Community.

Technology can be difficult to use let alone master for parents and teachers whom are just scratching the surface of the very basic idea of using technology to communicate, to study, to do homework and so many other things that just years ago required physical activity. Technology, too many people around the world has taken over the very idea of human interaction. Although technology can replace physical human contact and activity it is also the cause of people bonding and becoming friends’ countries away. Countless studies, facts, and hard evidence prove that it is improving physical and mental health dependent upon said activities. With this generation being raised on technology it’s no wonder people worry but at the same time each generation has their item that makes it “that generation”.

As technology is just beginning to bloom so are the various methods of communication. We can now contact just about anyone in the world about anything with a simple click of a few buttons. Texts and emails are just a few examples of newer variations of communication; we can also instant message someone through engines such as Facebook or Twitter, video chat with someone a world away using Skype. Many of these outlets can be used for general communication with parents, students, teachers, and even the Global Community. We can also search sites for news in our area or even around the world. If we missed the game or that important lecture we were supposed to watch for class, most of it can be found online.

This is so important because we as individuals always have something else going on, work, school, social lives, activities that we all like to participate in. Communicating through means such as these technological advances makes it easier on parents working 9 to 5’s every day and teachers who work 9 to 5 plus all of the grading that they do each day. Students like their social lives and it is very important that they have such things to relieve the stress. Technology makes everything easier in the sense that it won’t take a student over 10 hours to study for something because now it’s at the tip of their fingers; and now with school work doubling, we as students need technology to get by and need that social life. Technology in the long run makes things simpler.

Technology was not only manifested to further science and medicine; it was also created to further our contact with the rest of the world. It was, however, solely created for the evolution and bringing forward of the human race. Because of this advancement in technology we have come to realize that there is so much we can do and so much to learn from this development. Better communication, at this point is just a bonus.



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